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Hello Everyone,

Are you ready to say bye to July? This is a reminder that there is only one month left of warm weather, beach days and cute outfits. Make sure to show off your outfits every day next month. Dressing for the summer is all about looking your best and feeling your ultimate greatest. This is the best time to spoil yourself ladies! It is time for you to treat yourself to an innocent fashion haul. 

Summer is the time to wear bodysuits, dresses and crop tops all day long. Every girl must have simple tank tops, stylish bodysuits, trendy crop tops and dresses. In the summer you will find yourself not having enough clothes. Here are some tips that will help you during your fashion haul!

1) Try it on 

Remember don't judge a book by its cover! Sometimes it may not look appealing when it is on a mannequin, but it may look completely different on you. It is difficult to know how something will fit on you until you actually go try it on. Don't be afraid there's no lost in trying on different styles, who knows you might find your new favourite top.

2) Expand your style

You may have your favourite pair of jeans, and your go to top that you basically live in. We are all guilty of having one specific style that we are completely obsessed with. However, don't forget to explore the other options out there. It is always good to try something on that is a bit out of your comfort zone; it may end up being your new obsession. 

3) Visit new stores

Often people tend to shop at stores that sound familiar, or they have previously shopped at. It leads to people having the same pieces or wearing similar outfits. Do you really want to walk into a party and be wearing the same top as three other people? To avoid this issue start doing your research about new stores that are opening, smaller boutiques located in your neighbourhood or stores that are located at malls but frequently go unnoticed. These stores may have hidden gems! 

With these new tips you should be ready for your fashion haul. Make sure to always try something new you never know what the outcome will be. Now call your girlfriends, and go on a shopping spree!

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