JLo's 50th Birthday Outfit

Hello Babes,

Lets be honest all girls obsess over their birthday's. We don't blame you, its all your close friends and family that come out just to celebrate you. It's a must to look your best. Not only is it stressful just to plan your outfit, your responsible for planning the entire party. If there is one person who can pull off an over the top party and kill an entire look it is our one and only JLow. 

Turning 50 is a number that several of us are extremely nervous about. However, our girl JLow showed us that there is nothing bad about turning 50. Not only did she have all the important people celebrating her day, her man gave a touching speech and she looked like a goddess. Jennifer Lopez wore a stunning gold dress designed by the talented Donatella Versace. 


The detail on this dress is unbelievable. The straps make the dress different and unique. The slit adds extravagance to the dress. With the hair tied up high the dress and all of the small details are visible. 

This is a dress every girl has once dreamt herself wearing. Keep dreaming because one day it will be reality.

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Bay Bling Beauty 

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