Make Time

Hi Everyone,

Remember the days when we would always have time for everyone? Suddenly, you become extremely busy with life? School, work, mother hood or even planning a wedding responsibility all happens! It is finally time to start making time for the most important relationships. Which is with you! Maybe start off with a spa day, have a girls night out, or even go out for dinner with your boo. But hey! Whichever one you choose, we are here to help you figure out an outfit. 


We suggest a v-neck dress with one of our chokers “Beau Flow”, or “Double Grind”. If you are not comfortable wearing a v-neck dress we suggest off the shoulder bodycon dress to go with one of our classic chokers. Jeans or a cute simple flowy skirt paired with over the knee boots will complete this look!




Left: V-neck dress.              Right: Off the Shoulder Dress


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