Summer Mercury Retrograde

Hello everyone,


I think we can all agree that this month has been a rollercoaster of emotions. This mercury retrograde began on July 8 and went on until August 1. But do not worry we can finally say bye to this mercury retrograde. It seems as if the universe has been pushing us to the edge of a cliff. View this phase of your life in a positive perspective and be tankful that you have a lot you can reflect on.

This mercury retrograde occurred in Leo and Cancer. It has been time for us to put all of our drama aside and just focus on ourselves. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we were able to get lush bombs and bathe our issues away. It has been a time for us to focus on our personal growth. There have been changes in our character, personality and the way we present ourselves. There have been experiences that have made us grow into new versions of ourselves.

Life gets busy all the time, but never forget who you truly are. Getting lost is the process of life. It’s the journey to finding ourselves we should be grateful for. Growth is always important and needed. It may seem that tough times never come to an end, but there will always be a happy ending.


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