Tips On How To Accessorize Outfits

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When you wear a necklace with a simple outfit, does it not feel like we just had our very own fairy godmother sprinkle some magic on us? A jewelry piece can take an outfit from casual, to dressy within seconds! I think many of us are guilty of being that friend that says we are ready, but we really know that we need an extra 10- 15 minutes to get ready. We can change that now! There is no longer any need of spending long hours in front of the mirror contemplating whether to wear jeans, or wear a dress and be stylish. We discovered the secret for how all women could wear jeans, but still look dressy. Just throw on the right jewelry piece with a casual outfit, and your outfit will go from simple to fabulous.

Tips On How To Accessorize Outfits with Jewelry:

If you are wearing a V-neck shirt, or a dress with a plunge neckline you can wear a choker/necklace with the outfit. It will add shine, and make your outfit look over the top. This is a gorgeous way to make the outfit appropriate for a special occasion!


Here is @_itsnaynay wearing a V-neck shirt with the Double Grind choker 

If your day is full of errands, meetings, or just another day at the office you deserve to be comfortable. Ditch the waist skirt, and dress for one day. Wear soft material dress pants, with a turtle neck shirt, and pair the outfit with a statement necklace piece. The necklace will make the outfit go from boring, to dazzling in a blink of an eye.

Here is @amidesai wearing the Fearless necklace with a casual top 

 If it is the type of day when you want to be wearing tights, a loose top, and your hair is tied back it is perfect to add earrings to this outfit. With the hair being tied back your ears are more visible. To add a bit of bling to your ears, the outfit will go from casual, to cute.

Here is @heidigwaii wearing the Vivah earrings with a tank top, and her hair done in braids

If you are wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress do not leave the arm naked. Add some jewelry to your wrist to top off the outfit. Adding one piece of jewelry to an outfit can change the whole look.


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