Tips On How To Wear The Charlotte Top!

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 Have you been wearing your black turtleneck top to often? Do you feel as if you don’t own any other tops? Ladies it’s time to ditch the black turtleneck top. We have got a new obsession! Right now we cannot live without the Charlotte tie-up crop tops from our collection!

 The Charlotte crop tops are changing our style completely, and we are in love with every bit of it! The top is fantastic for several reasons. Firstly it feels as if I am wearing my robe! The material of the top is thirty-five percent cotton. Another plus is that the top is available in two colours white and beige. Also, you can re-wear this top as many as times as you desire. You can style the crop top different each time you wear it out. The trick is you need to know the different ways you can tie the crop top. We are here to show you some outfit inspiration!

Here is Shem Reign wearing the Charlotte crop in the colour beige. 

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This outfit is cute, and is a perfect outfit for a lunch date! You can tie the strings in one bit knot and move it to whichever side you feel comfortable! This outfit is between casual, and dressy. There is no way you can wrong with this outfit! The white sneakers put this whole outfit together!

Want to make your outfit dressy, and different? Tie the strings in the middle, as it is shown in the picture above! This makes the outfit look fancy. Pair it with ripped black jeans, and your outfit is complete!

 If you want to be extremely extra, you can tie your crop top exactly like that! This makes the top look sexy, and classy! This is perfect for a special occasion! If you want to dress it up, you can wear it with a waist skirt!  

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